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    Art Architect

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    Music Explorer

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    Heart Opener

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    Game Changer

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    Thought Provoker

  • Esza Kaye is...

    Tinged With Machine

• dark feminine • aristo-goth • seductive • Baroque mixed with House •
Futuristic • Electronica • Gender-bending • Provocative • Club Grooves •


Listen to Esza's trax while travelling through her poetic musings.

Spiritual, Political, Observational...musical prose that evoke images of Esza draped in silk, with feather pen by candlelight, as she contemplates the puzzling world around her.

Explore phrasal snapshots of what makes her clock tick.

"It has always been a journey of the heart..."

— esza kaye

parallel perception

Explore Esza's Photo Gallery

Sexy, Quirky and compelling professional photos, as well as behind-the-scenes images.